Handan Uslu

Executive Director, Founder

Handan holds a double major degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Koç University, and a Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology department from Georgetown University. She worked as a Managing Director at the TASSA in Washington DC before transitioning to tech. In Google, she worked as a data strategist in charge of the Turkey market in the Trust and Safety department, focusing on ethics of artificial intelligence", technology policy design and enforcement.  She is the founder of and Gözlemevi.

Alp Akiş

Internet Fellow

Alp is a researcher at Stanford Internet Observatory, news reporter at Medyascope, and research assistant at the Center for Research on Globalization, Peace and Democratic Governance at Koç University. He holds a double major degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Stanford University.

Kadir Yağız Çetin

Democracy and Algorithms

Kadir is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Democracy Research. Center for Democracy Research strives to bolster political expression in Turkey through conducting research projects and building civic-tech tools such as Referandom. He is a researcher at the Oxford Center for Technology and Development at the University of Oxford.

Alev Gökdemir

Internet Fellow

Alev is a Stanford University Innovation Fellow, where she develops projects with design thinking principles to improve higher education. She is a double major student in Koç University, majoring in Law and Psychology.

Edlin Gülzari

Women's Rights Digital Data Platform

Edlin studied Psychology and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. She is the project coordinator of the Women's Rights Digital Data Platform.

Hazal Sipahi

Gender and Media

Hazal is Vice President at Digital Media Research Association, Chair of the Board at Association for Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, producer at Mental Klitoris Podcast. 

Abdullah Oskay

Child Safety

Abdullah is founder of Support to Life Association, an Ashoka Fellow, and founder at

Dr. Çiçek Erdem

Digital Wellbeing

Dr. Çiçek Erdem is a psychiatrist, focusing on self and identity issues, emerging adulthood, and healing from trauma.

Daniel Parlak

Digital Wellbeing, Founder at

Daniel is an expert in digital wellbeing, and a marketing executive at Lego.

Technical Working Group

Sude Aydemir

Sude is a web developer at CETEKNO, and a mathematics student at Bilgi University

Begüm Bektaş

Begüm is a Ph.D. student in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Koç University.